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Undergraduate Theses from JIPTIAIN / 2011-11-21 10:32:49
Oleh : UMU SHOLIHAH NIM D35207029, Pustakawan IAIN Sunan Ampel
Dibuat : 2011-11-21, dengan 9 file

Keyword : bahan ajar
Subjek : Bahasa Inggris - Studi dan Pengajaran

Sholihah, Umu. 2011. An Analysis of English Instructional Material in RSBI-Based SMP Negeri 1, Surabaya. A thesis English Education Department, Faculty of Tarbiyah, State institute for Islamic studies. Advisor: Akh. Muzakki, Grad.Dip(SEA), M.Ag., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Key words: Instructional material, speaking.

This research is about an analysis of English instructional material in RSBI-based SMP Negeri 1, Surabaya. The purposes of this study are to analyze types of speaking English instructional material used in SMP Negeri 1, Surabaya, the way teacher develop the speaking English instructional material, and the implementation of speaking English instructional material in the classroom. This research observes the English instructional material for the second grade students in SMP Negeri 1 Surabaya.

The research is based on descriptive design. The subject of this research is teacher of the second grade at SMP Negeri 1, Surabaya. The teacher is invited to participate in the study because some criteria such as the teacher’s educational background, experiences, and knowledge come from him. The data are collected by the observation in the classroom, the interview with the teacher, and the documentation from teacher and school. The instruments of this research are observation checklist, interview guide and documentation.

This research finds that there are two types of English instructional material used by teacher in teaching speaking. The first is textbook as visual instructional material and the second is movie as audio visual instructional material. In teaching speaking, teacher develops his instructional material by combining some textbook and summarizing it. He also makes the power point slide to catch the students’ attention to the lesson. In the classroom, the implementation of the instructional material receives a good response from the students. Sometimes they feel bored with the textbook but movie can overcome the students’ boredom.

In brief, both textbook and movie is a good instructional material. Moreover both of them are suitable with three principles in choosing instructional material, relevance, consistence and adequacy. Moreover, textbook as visual instructional materials sometimes makes students feel bored but it is helpful. Using textbook avoids the students from confusion with the lesson. They can learn at school or home. On the other hand, movie as audio visual material can increase students’ interest and overcome the students’ boredom. The teacher’s development in using power point is very helpful to catch the students’ interest. Basically, textbook, movie and power point complementary each other. So, it makes the learning process more interesting. Teacher uses it alternately; when the students feel bored with the textbook, teacher uses another one to reduce it and vice versa

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